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Bestune's SUV Cars in UAE: The Perfect Family Vehicles

Buying a car is a long-term investment, isn’t it? Plus, you might want to invest in a car that is perfect for the family. This is where Bestune SUV cars are a great option.

Bestune is emerging as a prominent brand for SUV cars in Dubai. So, let’s find out how Bestune’s SUV cars are perfect family vehicles! :

Bestune's SUV Cars in UAE

Besture offers 2 ravishing models in the SUV category. They are:

  • Bestune T77
  • Bestune T99

Both models are designed to offer you maximum comfort, performance, and safety. Let’s discuss these models individually:

Bestune T77

If you prefer compact SUV cars in Dubai, the T77 is set to grab your attention. With its sporty looks, this 5-seater head-turner comes with a robust 1.5 Lt Turbo Engine with a max speed of 168 km/hr. The Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection engine delivers a powerful 142 kW at 5500 RPM, ensuring a dynamic performance.

However, the T77 is not just about performance; it’s packed with features to elevate your driving experience. For example, the car features a 230 TID Enhanced Turbo-charge Engine, an Electric-controlled Shifting System, a 7 Speed DCT-Wet Double Clutch Gearbox, and a lot more.

Refer to our Bestune T77 specification blog for more details.

Bestune T99

Are you looking for spacious and the most beautiful-looking SUV cars in Dubai? Why don’t you check out Bestune T99?

With its commanding presence, the T99 is easily one of the most feature-packed and best-looking SUV cars in Dubai.

The Bestune T99 is more like a powerhouse on wheels with 210 km/h max speed! Under the hood, it packs a strong 2.0L turbocharged engine generating 224 horsepower, delivering an impressive 165 kW of power and 340 Nm of torque. Plus, it comes with a smart 8-speed automatic transmission with AISIN Gearbox for a smooth and intelligent ride. That’s not all! Read the Bestune T99 specification blog for more details.

More About Bestune

Known for its class-apart technology and design, Bestune is one of the finest car brands offering premium SUV cars in Dubai and around the world. We aim to offer a premium driving experience with a high value for your money.

Bestune cars are manufactured by the FAW (First Automobile Works) Group Corporation, China’s oldest and largest automotive manufacturer. Al Khalid Auto (one of the companies of the Al Khalid Group) is the authorized distributor of Bestune in the UAE and Kuwait.

What Differentiates Bestune from its Rivals?

Bestune has raised the bar with its exceptional models – the T99 and T77. In a market flooded with options, these vehicles distinguish themselves through a myriad of features, setting a new standard for automotive excellence. Here are the key factors where Bestune performs way better than its rivals:

The Performance

Bestune revolutionizes the driving experience with powerful engines at its core. The T77 features a robust 1.5 Turbo Engine with a 7-speed DCT-Wet Double Clutch Gearbox, delivering a powerful yet fuel-efficient performance. The T99 boasts a formidable 2.0L turbocharged engine, generating 165kW/221bhp. The 8-speed automatic transmission, with AISIN Gearbox fuel, optimizes efficiency and contributes to a smooth driving experience.

The MacPherson Independent Front Suspension with Lateral Stabilizer Bar in both cars enhances stability, providing a comfortable ride on various terrains.

The Safety

The Bestune SUV cars in Dubai offer a premium range of safety features including:

  • 6 Airbags
  • Auto Park (T99)
  • (ABS) Automatic braking system
  • (EBD) Electronic brakeforce distribution
  • (EBA) Electronic brake assist
  • (TCS) Traction control system
  • (ESP) Electronic Stability Program
  • (HHC) Hill hold control
  • (TPMS) Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Rear Radar
  • Reverse Camera
  • Childproof rear door locks
  • Driver safety belt unfasten warning
  • Passenger 3 points safety belt in the middle
  • Engine electronic immobilizer
  • Auto lock over 20Km/h
  • Auto unlock after crash

The Technology

From the moment you start the engine, the Bestune SUV cars in Dubai unveil key technological advancements.

T99’s Self-Driving Assistance Mode provides a sense of relaxation and heightened safety on the road. Moreover, the 12.3-inch Full-Color Liquid Crystal Screen offers a centralized hub for infotainment while the T-Box Car-Net App-Connect seamlessly integrates your smartphone, ensuring connectivity and access to a range of features at your fingertips.

At the same time, the T77 includes features like the BESTUNE Smart-Link System, Lane Keep Assist, and 360 Degree Camera minimizing blind spots.

Other innovative features in the Bestune SUV cars in Dubai are:

  • Multi-functional steering wheel
  • Cruise control system
  • EPB
  • Remote Control Key
  • Keyless Entry
  • Outside Temperature Display
  • Bluetooth Phone control system
  • PKE (Passive Keyless Entry)
  • Inner rear-view mirror with manual anti-dazzling system
  • The driver-side one-touch anti-trap windows
  • 6-way manual adjusted driver seat
  • 4-way manual adjusted front passenger seat

The Looks

Bestune vehicles make a bold statement with
captivating designs. From the sporty elegance of the T77 to the commanding
presence of the T99, Bestune’s aesthetics outshine rivals, ensuring every
Bestune car turns heads on the road.


While the T99 makes a bold statement with its
eye-catching 21″ Two-Tone Multi-Spoke Alloy Wheels, the T77 offers stylish
aluminum rims that add a touch of sophistication to the exterior. The Bestune SUV cars in Dubai invite the outside
in, providing a panoramic view and a touch of luxury to the interior.

The Pricing

Offering feature-rich models at competitive prices, Bestune strikes a balance between luxury and accessibility without compromising on quality. The Bestune T99, starting at AED 110,000, and the T77, priced competitively at AED 82,500, offer an unparalleled combination of luxury and performance at a price point that is comparatively less than its competitors.


The Bestune SUV cars in Dubai redefine expectations; setting a new standard for affordable luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology.

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